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Bethesda Lost Loves

Reuniting Bethesda mothers with their missing children.


The $99 DNA kits we purchase from and 23andMe help us match Bethesda survivors with their missing birth children.

Funds raised beyond our DNA kit requirements will be used to support adoption and genealogy searches, expenses associated with reuniting families, investigations, and to support efforts to STOP the atrocious institutional abuses committed by the troubled teen industry.

Bethesda Lost Loves is a fundraiser by No Stone Unturned, who is committed to eliminating child abuse in the troubled teen industry.

If you’d prefer to purchase a DNA kit and send it to us directly, heck yes! Please use the links below; they’ll help us earn coupons toward more DNA kits!

Buy a DNA kit at

Buy a DNA kit at

DNA kits can be shipped to our corporate office:

No Stone Unturned
6709 Raymond Road
Madison, WI 53719


STOLEN, by Tyler Kingkade of NBC, tells a chillingly accurate story about the plight of the Bethesda survivors who had their babies ripped from their arms. Many thanks to Tyler for your painstakingly thoughtful research, accurate reporting, and for your general badassery.